Hi and welcome to Knuddelbear's part of the Knuddelstuff website. Knuddelbear is our company mascot and we really hope you enjoy his stories, games and other fun activities Knuddelbear will bring.


Read all about Knuddelbear's adventures in his collection of eBooks, available on Kindle.

Interactive Games

Join Knuddelbear in some fun and colourful games. (Coming Soon)

Colouring Pages

Download some Knuddelbear pictures and have fun colouring them in. (Coming Soon)


Read all about it! Knuddelbear stories available on Kindle

The Knuddelbear Story

Book 1

Help Knuddelbear on his adventure to find all materials for his bag. Will he find them?

Knuddelbear and the Legend of the Thames Monster

Book 2

Help Knuddelbear in his second exciting adventure and find out who stole the crown jewels and how the Thames Monster came about!